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Open Educational Resources (OER)

This guide provides access to resources that can help with learning about, adopting, adapting, and creating Open Educational Resources.

There so many places to learn about Open Educational Resources (OER) and so many different aspects to consider that it can be overwhelming at times. Use these getting started pages to explore the topic and learn some of the fundamentals as you start your OER journey!

Steps to adopting OER materials

Step 1: Set aside time.
     Searching for these materials takes time and persistence.

Step 2: Take a look to see if someone else has created a similar, complete OER course or textbook.

Step 3: Review your learning objectives.
     Instead of focusing on the textbook that you would like to replace, focus on what you would like students to know or be able to do. You will likely need to search for several materials to address different topics or components of your complete class.

Step 4: Start your search online.
     The Find OER Materials page has links to many OER sources.

Step 6: Look for library materials
     eBooks, articles and streaming videos can fill in gaps.

Step 7: Consider creating and sharing your own OER.

Learn about OER and how to implement it

OER about OER

Can I Use That?