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Open Educational Resources (OER)

This guide provides resources to free and open education resources

You have to have a plan

Creating open educational resources is like authoring other teaching materials except that the content is assigned an open license allowing for its free use and repurposing by others.


  • Creating the content - Consider what the scope and purpose of authoring your own book before starting. Make sure to give proper attribution to others' work and if you use other OER as your basis, make sure that you are following Creative Commons licensing rules.

Pick a Tool

  • Put your content in a professional format - There are many tools for creating professional looking ebooks.

Make it Accessible

  • Accessibility standards -  Ensure that your content can be read by all by following accessibility standards when you create it.
  • Decide your license - You'll need to assign a Creative Commons license to your work in order to make it usable and shareable by others.
  • Make it editable - If you would like to allow others to edit and add to your work, make sure there are editable versions of the book available.


  • Spread the word - Submit your work on an open platform such as Merlot or OER Commons to make it discoverable.

Evaluate & Update

  • Review and update - Improve your work by gathering feedback, fixing errors, and creating new editions.

Publishing OER

OER Creation, Adoption, and Adaptation

Tools for creating OER