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Ready, Set, Write! - April 4, 2024

This guide accompanies the "Ready, Set, Write!" event as a resource for links and additional information.


Welcome to Ready, Set, Write!

This guide is intended to accompany the in-person library instruction course and also serve as a general guide for social work research resources.

Within the guide, there are collections of recommended resources for both the brainstorming and research phases of your assignments. However, there are many more resources available on the full A-Z Database list. If you need assistance expanding your search beyond the resources in this guide, please email, call, chat with a librarian or make an appointment for support.

Visit the Writing Center for support individualized writing assistance across all disciplines. Their professional writing consultants will provide strategies for improving writing and feedback on documents in any discipline: essays, research papers, personal statements, summary reports, resumes, cover letters, emails, scholarship and graduate school applications.