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This guide highlights resources related to education.

Finding OER

Looking for materials to use in your classroom? Consider OER!

Open Educational Resources (OER) are guided by the idea that high-quality educational materials should be available to everyone.

OER are educational materials—everything from a single lesson plan to an entire textbook—that save students and teachers money because they are free to use, customize, and share.

OER are openly licensed, which makes it easy to personalize materials and infuse them with fresh, relevant content. 

 -OER Commons

There are many types of OER materials available!

Materials from Virginia's Academic Library Consortium

Includes syllabi, assignments, and courses.

Free to stream videos

Places to find free to use images.

How to evaluate OER materials

Evaluating OER is similar to evaluating possible textbook adoptions, like assessing the reading level and how well it matches your learning objectives. But remember that with open-licensed materials you have the flexibility to adapt the content to what works for you.

  • Peer review of material available on many OER sites
  • Reputation of author or institution
  • Pedagogical approach
  • Accuracy of content
  • Alignment with course objectives or learning outcomes
  • Appropriate reading level
  • Technical quality (clear visuals, production value)
  • Clear licensing declaration: Creative Commons license, public domain, or your own fair use determination for copyrighted works. **This might be a good time to create an attribution statement as your decide on resources you know you'll want to use.




The VIVA Faculty Textbook Portal is a catalog to assist Virginia public college and university faculty in finding and selecting open and affordable textbooks for their courses in one place. The Portal is part of a wide-scale Open and Affordable Initiative by VIVA to provide no-cost and barrier-free access to course curriculum resources for students and researchers. The Portal contains over 200,000 titles from VIVA's shared library collections, open access textbooks, and ebooks available for VIVA to purchase on behalf of public colleges and universities throughout the state.

VIVA Open is a collection of Open Education Resources adopted, adapted, and/or created by faculty and higher education professionals at Virginia institutions.

Books & Journals

OER Materials General

OER Materials STEM

Free Online Streaming Sources

The following are free sites to watch online videos.  Some sites have Creative Commons licenses, some are in the public domain, but some have copyrighted materials.  Check the FAQs and About sections of the individual web sites to verify you can use the material before using a video in or for a course. 

from the University of South Carolina Library

Image Resources